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Alec Clicker
get hit by trains

Information is a personal website I made to store all the dumb quotes and candids from this hurricane of a school.
It's also my place to put my short films, since the Bridges Vimeo account STILL hasn't posted them...

Short Films

Mission: Adblockable
Sick of EA's reign of terror, Quinn and Charlotte set out to overthrow the government and get rid of ads.

Released on May 16th, 2024, @ The Bridges Film Festival

Something Rotten! - goofy edition
womp womp

Releasing on ???

Cooking with Alec
Alec, Sarah, and Isaiah teach you how to cook Adrian Mack and Cheese!

Released on April 23rd, 2024

Teacher's Bane
A teacher cracks down on her students. Well, all except one...

Released on May 19th, 2023, @ The Bridges MS Film Festival

Teacher's Bane, but everything goes wrong
I was bored so I made teachers bane really dumb

Released at idk ill find out later

Shakespeare Shorts (no cap) - goofy edition
I was bored so i made the 2023 middle school play really dumb

Released on May 19th, 2023, @ The Bridges MS Film Festival

Dixon Falls Off the Swing
A small child tries to land on his feat while on a swing.

Released at idk ill find out later

World War 3 Trailer - but in Terraria
Based of a meme (thank you elias)

Released at idk ill find out later


saverio exposed!1!11!!1!!

Submitted by Wyatt G.

saverio exposed part 2!1!11!!1!!

"itsa me supah wahoo man"

s tier photography skills

Submitted by Myles O'M

"I am the layax, I speak for the chips
gimme your money or I'll break your hips"

I love logic

it's not just Duolingo that does this, apparently

Submitted by Rence A.

I stole one of Scott's pens.
I regret nothing

I was the one stealing your IP addresses

Trigger warning


Submitted by Matthew B.

Quill + Rivera = Quivera

Found under an MS Table

why would you do this brad

Submitted by my mother

What?! Chris isn't evolving!

What's a "-IRE"?

10/10 balancing act


Submitted by Ava F.

kinda looks like đź—ż

Submitted by Keiran G.

pov: my mom after my friends leave

Submitted by Xiaoxia F.

that's cap

Submitted by Gwen K.

the geck sees all

Submitted by Christopher L.

doofenshmirtz will be notified

Submitted by Lily K.



Submitted by Sarah Q.

This WILL go in the yearbook

Cole's flowchart on why you should support the gong.

Originally by Julian L.


Submitted by Josh R.

not sure how this works, but it's awesome!

Submitted by Chris L.

and this is why film is the best elective

Submitted by Matthew B.

Nick breaking good

Submitted by Lucian B.

kirk ballin

Submitted by Matthew B.

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"That is so uncool and not fast" -Noah N.
"Mealz was jit trippin' so he wasn't feeling bussin’ bussin’ fr fr on god no cap so he was finna cry" -Noah N.
"Noah Nelscan LOVES World War II" -Noah N.
"Things are gonna get W I C K E D" -Noah N.
"Why are flies called flies but ants aren't called walks?" -Noah N.
"Okay Chris, don't attack me in the CVS" -Noah N.
"If you give a man a fish, he will be fed for the day, if you beat him to death, he will not be hungry ever again" -Chris L.
"eatin' charcoal to become a furnace" -Chris L.
"I could probably beat Goku pretty easily" -Chris L.
"GO GO GADGET GLOCK 19!" -Chris L.
"When you get home, your house will not be there. Instead, in its place, there will be an atom bomb." -Chris L.
"Goblins will watch you teleport and say 'he cannot afford a steed'" -Chris L.
"For eel on cod no carp" -Chris L.
"Stop saying nutty words!" -Alec D.
"Newsies the Musical is about See's Candies... but they're NEW!" -Alec D.
"If you use 'tu' instead of 'usted' while talking to the doctor, he will purposely fail your surgery" -Alec D.
"Seleucids? More like selling kids" -Alec D.
"You are more ancient than Madonna’s boobs" -Ezra E.
"This video was sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends" -Candi Milo
"Guys Sans Undertale is real I think he is my dad" -Josh R.
"Myles, you forgot to walk the fish!" -Cayl K.
"I'm a total chocolate milker" -Lily K.
"Livers aren't an infinite money glitch" -Lily K.
"Chris, you look the mascot of Wetzel's Pretzels" -Lily K.
"Okay guys, what color should my people be?" -Anonymous
"How many Phoenixlings could you take in a fight?" -Myles O.M.
"Please don't bite my other parts" -Myles O.M.
"My name is Isaiah and I am a he/him" -Isaiah S.
"Stop milking me!" -Isaiah S.
"This is the most normal school of all time" -Abby M.
"Chris was eating his math homework at carpool" -Abby M.
"He's like a baby with a six-pack" -Abby M.
"Oh yeah, his legs are in here somewhere" -Abby M.
"My homework ate my dog" -Anonymous
"Bald people don’t exist" -Hazel O.
"To be defeated - to take off one's feet" -Amber K.
"Alec Dhar-menian" -Tal G.
"Better Call Tal" -Tal G.
"Sus Amigos" -Elizabeth H.
"Gustavo said I have schizophrenia" -Miles E.
"I almost capped that bottle flip, no cap" -Cole W.
"I want to play a bang bang bong" -Cole W.
"Any people who have Obama Care are now called Obama Care Bears" -Cole W.
"Maybe the real gaslighters were the friends we made along the way" -Kyra C.
"I had a teacher named Mrs. Prime. My mom called her Optimus" -Kyra C.
"Staff infections taste good" -Vivian S.
"Child! What did I say about the kneecaps?" -Vivian S.
"Please don't lick my Jillow" -Elsa D.
"She macking on my michael wave until I cheese" -Elsa D.
"Everything is snortable" -Andrew C.
"How do you feel about the ending?" "Yes" -Interaction between JT C. and Skye H.
"Manwashed" -Skye H.
"and... saving THAT for blackmailing purposes" -Sarah Q.
"I had to fill in for they/them" -Sarah Q.
"Back when I was a boy, there were dinosaurs" -Riley B.
"...and then she showed her..." -Liam H.
"This school is people who are neurospicy" -Gwen K.
"I will devote the rest of my life to Jesus Christ and the Christianity religion if I get these Melanie Martinez tickets" -Gwen K. (they got them) "I now have to devote the rest of my life to God and the Christianity religion"
"ah phooey" -Ava F.
"The more blood the better!" -Ava F.
"I drop kicked an alien tuna thingy in my dream" -Ava F.
"I'm gonna beat you to the ends of the earth, Noah" -Anonymous
"It's only hands, no feet allowed" -Anonymous
"The black death is the mythic cold" -Nate C.
"I'm gonna sharpen your apples" -Theodore F.
"Rubber? I was rubber once. They locked me in a room. A rats room. A rats room filled with crazy, and crazy makes me rubber. -Rence A.
"Being cringe is cringe" -Rence A.
"My bees got him" -Rence A.
"Nelken was diagnosed with Tier 100 stupidity" -Rence A.
"Watch yo jacket" -Gabby F.
"Why is DJ Khaled here?" -Gabby F.
"Alec is the 9th grade Isaiah" -Anonymous
"Tal, don't write 'A. S. S.' on your paper" -Anonymous
"Are you mindful momenting?" -Caroline S.
"What is 'Mah'?" -Anonymous
"Who would win in a fight, Goku or Mama Coco?" -Matthew B.
"Watthew s**t in my shaving cream!" -Matthew B.
"Have you seen my toenails?" -Oliver MP.
"The W in blue stands for Weezer" -Oliver MP.
"Let me simp in peace!" -Mystery V.
"I'm convinced Chris is William Afton. He wears purple, and he works at an abandoned pizza place" -Anonymous
"The weight lifting club consists of 11 clones of Chesler and maybe Palmer if he teleports back for an hour" -Anonymous
"S is for circle" -Nick B.
"May your day be colorful!" -Greyson C.
"I'm gonna die of ketchup overdose" -Anonymous
"I would love to get beaten up by Bill Nye the Science Guy" -Vsauce
"Shegosawa~" -Untitled Document
"Add and multiply Up" -Adrian M.
"O'hare air! Mustard flavor!" -Anonymous
"I'm a sickly little bad and I need my soup" -Leo W.
"Grayson, can you please turn down the volume of the massacre?" -Anonymous
"Wasn't Reagan, like, a c**t?" -Alex M.
"It doesn't make sense to pay $787,500,000 to pave a driveway" -Anonymous
"Well, maybe it does mean- OH! HOLD UP! HOT WOMAN SPOTTED!" -Henry L.
"Are you thinking about thinking why you aren’t thinking about thinking when thinking about thinking?" -RJ H.
"I make the do, I think the talk" -Sebastian R.
"Not gonna lie, Mary Poppins is hot" -Josh E.
"This gum is so tender" -Josh E.
"What if I possessed a child?" -Chris S.
"Don’t do TikTok, kids" -Mealz M.
"I'm too tired to be traumatized." -Mealz M.
"Bridging Presentations are just TED Talks for school purposes" -Mealz M.
"25 dollars and I'll make out with the skull" -Oliver B.
"There is more to life than life" -Oliver B.
"B.C. stands for 'Before Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'" -Eli R.
"Scott will be notified" -???
"Swagalicious" -Drew G.
"I've only had 4 coffees this morning" -Albert C.
"I'm drunk on life..." -Anonymous
"I'm not gay but $20 is $20" -Keiren G.
"Ow! I stabbed myself" -Joseph M.
"The top of the head is nature's snooze button" -Joseph M.
"Little babies make me paranoid" -Anonymous
"Tis' but a gaping head wound!" -Issy S.
"It's not racist if it's with the homies!" -Rafi T.
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